Adobe Captivate Tutorial - Allow Retaking of Quiz after Reviewing


Captivate allow us to create quizzes that allow users to retake and review. However, you may find that, once you have reviewed a quiz, the default retake button will be grayed out and you will not be able to retake the quiz.


For instance, the quiz that you create allows a user to have 3 attempts. If the users do not pass the first time, on the Quiz Results page, they can either retake the quiz or review the quiz. 




However, if they choose to review the quiz now, they will find that the retake button will be removed from the Quiz Result Page, even though they have not finished all their attempts.



This is the way quizzes are designed in Captivate. If you would like to allow a user to retake a quiz, even though they have reviewed the quiz, you may try the following:


1. Insert a new slide after the Quiz Result slide.


2. Then insert a button into this slide and at the Action dialog box, assign the On Success to Jump to Slide and choose the first slide of your quiz.


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