Ms Project Training Melaka Puchong Selangor


Why and for whom?


Would you be more effective in your role if you could present better?

Wished you knew how to use PowerPoint to create more professional slides?

What if there were a course that could equip you with the skills to do both?

At Cempaka Technologies, we deliver a two-day workshop that equips you with both the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of presentations. With these skills, you will be able to confidently prepare and deliver dynamic presentations that engage and captivate your audience.

You will learn how to impress your audience using features such as animations, customised templates and designs, appealing graphics and dynamic graphs that PowerPoint readily offers.

Our experienced facilitators will also offer tips and tricks on how to deliver your presentations effectively in a variety of settings such as providing information, teaching a skill, reporting progress and selling a product or service. To ensure that you get hands-on experience and immediate feedback, you will be utilising the techniques you have learnt during the workshop itself.

Learning Objectives:

By participating in this course, the following learning objectives will be covered:
• Acquire techniques and tools to create PowerPoint templates professionally.
• Apply different approaches in presenting your ideas, reports, and information with appealing graphics.
• Design interesting and appropriate info graphics.
• Improve existing knowledge of the different dynamic features in PowerPoint and apply in various settings.
• Acquire tips on how to engage your audience.
• Identify causes of nervousness and anxiety, and apply skills to overcome them.
• Apply techniques to handle questions during presentation.
• Plan, prepare and delivery a short presentation.
• Evaluate a presentation using learnt criteria.


This training is for personnel who want to improve their presentation and PowerPoint skills. This training it will benefit directors, managers, department heads, team leaders, supervisors and senior executives that who deliver presentations to internal and external audiences.


Ms Project Training Melaka Puchong Selangor


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Ms Project Training Melaka Puchong Selangor



Ms Project Training Melaka Puchong Selangor


2 days /14 Hours

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