Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - How to create a simple monster character by using illustrator


This tutorial showing you on how to use the shape tools and the Pathfinder panel to create a simple monster character. The Gradient panel will be used to in this tutorial as well. Enjoy!!


  1.   Click the File>New to create a new file and set it 900 X 700 px ,RGB mode, at 72 dpi.
  2.  Using Ellipse Tool (L) to create a oval shape and click F6 to fill grey color (#6D6E71) on Color Palette and apply no stroke.





  3. Using the Rectangle Tool to create a rectangle and drag it to below the oval shape.


  4. Using the Direct Selection Tool (A), move the two bottom point to create the shape below.



  5. With the Rounded Rectangle Tool, draw a round rectangle tool and placed on bottom of the shape. Next, select the round rectangle and rectangle two object and press the Subtract From Shape Area button in the Pathfinder panel.



  6. Press Ctrl + G or Object > Group to group the two object. Then, Ctrl + C copy the group and Ctrl + Vpaste the group.

    Scale the copied shape and placed it on the bottom of shape.



  7. Let’s start to create eyes, using Ellipse Tool and press the Shift key to create a perfect round shape. Fill it with grey color (#BCBEC0) and apply black stroke 4px.Next, Create a round shape with Ellipse tool. Fill it with white color and apply no stroke. Then, placed it inside the eyes.





  8. Press Shift key to select the two eyes shape, then hold down Alt +Ctrl, and drag it to right.



  9.   For the mouth, using the Ellipse Tool to draw a oval shape and fill it with radial gradient (First Swatch: #1B3E70 ; Second Swatch : #092442), apply the dark blue color stroke (#092442),4px.





  10. Draw a rectangle and place toward top of mouth.

    Select the two shape and press the Subtract From Shape Area button in the Pathfinder panel.



  11.   For the tooth, create a rectangle and fill it white color and no stroke. Use the Direct Selection Tools(A) to select the anchor point and press the convert selected anchor point to smooth button.



  12. Move the teeth to middle of mouth.

    Select the key and fill it with Linear Gradient. Rotate it with angle -90 °.



  13. Hold down Alt + Ctrl Key to copy the teeth and fill it with dark grey color (#808285).

    Object > Align > Send Backward ( Ctrl + [ ).



  14. For the hair, using the Pen tool and fill it with Linear Gradient.(First Swatch: #1B3E70 ; Second Swatch : #092442), apply the dark blue color stroke (#808285),3px.



  15. With the hand, use Pen Tool to draw the shape below.

    And fill it blue color (#1C75BC) and apply no stroke.



  16. Ctrl + C copy the shape and Ctrl + V paste the shape. Fill It with with Linear Gradient.(First Swatch: # 278EC1; Second Swatch : # 00637F), apply no stroke and placed toward on the hand.



  17. Select the two object, Right Click>Transform> Reflect.

    Select Vertical and press OK.

    Then, placed it on the right side.




  18. Finally, you can add some detail for your character.




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