Adobe Photoshop Tutorial - How to change the image background with layer mask



In this article, I will demonstrate how to how to change the image background with layer mask.

1. First, browse to the pictures you want to edit. Choose File > Open > Choose where the file is located and press open. Repeat the same step for another file.

2. Then you will see this. You will have two different tabs at the upper left corner.

3. Now, at the 2nd tab, Right click the background layer > Duplicate Layer> Choose the document to the 1st picture > Press Okay. Note: If you notice, there will be the layer of 2nd picture in the 1st picture.

4. After that, you can close the 2nd tab. We don't need it to be saved. It will automatically navigate you to the 1st tab.

5. Choose the locked layer > Click add layer mask

6. Then drag the layer 0 to the uppermost layer. You can see the picture automatically change to 1st picture.


7. Choose the 1st layer > Image > Adjustments > Match Color.

8. Click on the source and choose your first picture name > Choose the new layer you previously duplicated > Press Neutralize > Press OK.

9. Right Click Magic Wand Tool > Choose Magic Wand Tool

10. Click on the parts that you don't want, example, I don't want the background of this. I want the 2nd picture's background. I pressed lot of times to ensure the parts I don't want will be deleted. Note: You can right click to deselect. You also can switch to Quick Selection Tool for selecting the parts.

11. Press Delete. You will now get merged picture.


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