Excel Tutorial - Formatting I/C Number


This is tutorial formatting I/C in Excel.

When you enter an I/C number, you can just enter all numbers, and have Excel to put in the "-" (dash) for you automatically.


1. In cell B3, enter the I/C number without "-" (dash). i.e 481208051208



2.  Select cell B3, on Home tab, in Font panel, click on Format Cells dialog box launcher.



3.  In the Format Cells dialog box, do the following:

  • Click on the Number tab,
  • Under Category, select Custom
  • In the Type text box, enter ######-##-####

4.  Cell the I/C number in cell B3 is now formatted as 481208-05-1208



5.  To have the same format apply to other cells such as B4 and B5, you may use the Format Painter tool. Select cell B3 and click once on the Format Painter.




6.  The mouse pointer changes to   . With this mouse pointer click on cell B4 and drag to cell B5



7.  Let’s enter another I/C number in cell B4. Remember just number, without dash “-“.



8.  Then press Enter. You will see that the I/C number is now formatted with the same format as in B3.


By Bee Bee Ong  | Google


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