Adobe Captivate Showcase at Infineon Technologies Sdn Bhd

Adobe Captivate Showcase at Infineon

Infineon Technologies has conducted Adobe Captivate Showcase and we have been invited by them to share our experience in developing E-learning content by using Adobe Captivate.

During the presentation we highlighted 4 levels of E-learning interactivity. Level 1 and level 2 is a one-way of learning with simple straightforward interaction but include some clickable menu, multimedia or drag and drop. While for level 3 and 4, it is highly interactive e-Learning which contained high level animated videos, multi-screen scenario-based cases, complex simulations transition, audios, gamification and simulations where the learners able to fully interact with their learning content and giving feedback.

We also share some features contained in the Adobe Captivate and how the functions work in developing the interactive E-Learning. Adobe Captivate is great software to use in developing the E-learning as it is easy and straightforward when understand the software.