Adobe Captivate Tutorial - Drag-and-Drop Interaction: Sample 2

 1. Create some object, and Name them so that you can easily recognize them.

Now we will add the interaction
2. Go to Insert > Launch Drag and Drop Interaction Wizard.

Now we will add the interaction. 

3. First Shift click on all the drag sources.



4. At the Add To Type field, click on the Plus sign   and name it as Face, then click OK button.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the Paper and Metal objects.




6. Then click on Next button


We will define Drop Target.

7. Click on the 3 Bins to select them, click on the Next Button..


Associate the Drag Sources with the respective Drop Targets.

8. You can drag any one object from the Drag Source and drop to the Drop Target.



9. Then Click on the Finish

 We will make sure that the Drop Target will accept only Drag Sources from a certain category.

10. Select one of the bins, i.e.Metal bin, then click Accept button at the Drag and Drop tab.



11.The Accept Drag Sources dialog box will appear. As we selected the Metal Bin, therefore,  you should select Metal, as your Drag Source Type. Then Click OK button.




12. Repeat step 10 and 11 to Glass Bin and Paper Bin.

-          To assign animation effect for the drag sources, click the required from the Effects list in the Drag Sources accordion. 

Now you can publish your work.



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