Learning Management System (LMS) Training Melaka Puchong Selangor Malaysia


Why and for whom?


Intend to build a Learning Management System (LMS) for your company? How to make my sales force team members to  acquire the knowledge of our products via online? Need to provide the same training repeatedly, how to save the training cost? What is the best practices to setup and deploy LMS?

Learning Management System Workshop is the course for you!

Learning Management System(LMS) – a free, Open Source software package designed specifically to help organization create truly effective online learning communities. It can scale from a single-trainer website to a corporate with more than 200,000 learners.

→ it is an amazingly competent and powerful learning management system used by corporate, colleges and universities all over the world;

→ it is based on the theory of social constructivism, which essentially means that people learn better in groups than they do on their own;

→ it is a powerful set of tools to support group mode of learning.



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3 Days /18 Hours